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Blueridge 2022: Chamber Music Campout!


Sunday, July 31
Whey-ah-Wichen / Cates Park - (North Vancouver)

Chamber Campout Prequel

2pm - Sitka String Quartet and Friends

Saturday, September 3
John Hendry Park (Trout Lake)

Chamber Music
Campout # 1


2pm - Infinitus

What better way to kick off our festival than with the upbeat, irrepressible beatboxing string trio, Infinitus. With a repertoire featuring classical standards and original jazz/hip-hop arrangements and compositions, Infinitus is quickly becoming one of North America’s premiere chamber groups.

infinitus_hri2 (1).jpg

3:30pm - Saxophilia

Experience the quirky, joyful, high-octane sounds of Saxophilia, Vancouver’s versatile saxophone quartet. With music ranging from the standard repertoire of classical saxophone quartet to jazz arrangements and lighter fare, the group has been a beloved fixture of the Vancouver new music scene for over 25 years.


Joie de Bop - David Branter (b.1951)
Metamorphosis - Fred Stride (b.1953)
      I. Side by Side
      II. Tango del Currie
      III. Mystics
      IV. Down in the Basement
Montevideo - Guillermo Lago (b.1960)
Divertimento for saxophone quartet - Violet Archer (1913 - 2000)
      I. Preludio
      II. Meditation
      III. Festive
Nightmare Fragments - Beatrice Ferreira (b.1994)
      I. three Witches on my bedsheets
      II. I lay one million purple Eggs
      III. on the pier: split Rosehip/Cyst
      IV. the Taxidermist's hallway
Four Stories - David Branter (b.1951)

erhu quartet.jpeg

1:30pm - Vancouver Erhu Quartet

The Vancouver Erhu Quartet explores the uniquely expressive and eloquent sound world combining the erhu (Chinese violin) with western strings. Representing Taiwanese, Chinese, Indian, and Korean communities, their interpretations of contemporary works is fused with the sensitivity and sense of breath from Asian traditions.


Night Song VII – Mark Armanini
Confluence (2021) – Edward Top
This Erhu Quartet (2021) – Tim Brady
Teasing Golden Snake (2020) – Jin Zhang

Sunday, September 4
John Hendry Park (Trout Lake)

Chamber Campout #2

12pm - Vancouver Cello Quartet

Four of Vancouver's finest cellists combine their mellifluous sounds in music ranging from classical favourites by Rossini, Tchaikovsky, and Albinoni to lush arrangements of the Beatles, showcasing the limitless possibilities of the instrument they love.

-Overture to the Barber of Seville - Giochino Rossini
-Adagio - Tomaso Albinoni
-Waltz  - P.I. Tchaikovsky
-Gavotte - Julius Klengel
-Por una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel
-Beatles Medley - Lennon/ McCartney
-Washington Post March - J.P, Sousa

3pm - Jodi Proznick Quartet

The National Jazz Award winning Jodi Proznick Quartet is a fresh, swinging and highly interactive group led by bassist/composer Jodi Proznick and featuring three of Canada's greatest musical talents: Tilden Webb on piano, Jon Bentley on Tenor Sax and Jesse Cahill on drums. Their repertoire includes original compositions as well as new interpretations of Duke Ellington, Wayne Shorter, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and more! 

Chamber Campout #3

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 9.01.14 PM.png

2pm - NOW Society Ensemble

Drawn from Vancouver's finest improvising musicians, the NOW Society Ensemble has been presenting engaging and varied concerts since 2008, fusing improvisation and composition, the predetermined with the undefined. Events planned and unplanned are linked, craft and skill navigates the endless possibilities of the unknown.

12.30pm - Elysian Trio

The Elysian Trio showcases the fascinating colours and kaleidoscopic versatility brought about when flute, viola, and harp are combined, integrating newly commissioned works, innovative programming, and interdisciplinary elements to create a memorable concert experience.


Claude Debussy - Sonata for Flute, Viola, and Harp

Leslie Opatril - To Ignite a Star

Chia-Lin Cathy Kuo - Deux Amoureux au Clair de Lune

Nicholas Ryan Kelly - Dancing Lights at Dusk

Aidan Wong - Supernova


The Covid-19 crisis forced arts organizations the world over to search for new ways to present work. At Blueridge, the pandemic nudged us to forge ahead with a project that's been on our mind for a long time: a portable concert stage! We wanted Blueridge Festival artists to be able to rove into the community and present outstanding free concerts in parks and public spaces--without sacrificing the beautiful acoustic environments that make chamber music come alive.

FOLIUM was created in partnership with the faculty and students of the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) Design+Build program in conjunction with the UBC Centre for Advanced Wood Processing (CAWP). With an eye for portability and traditional un-amplified acoustics, the students designed a mobile stage using a 25mm plywood waffle structure and a 6mm marine-grade plywood skin that was bent and screwed into place to ensure rigidity. Folium's unique shape promotes passive sound projection to the spectators, eliminating the need for amplification. Built from local wood species sourced from local distributors, the structure's complex curves were milled using the KUKA robot at UBC CAWP, allowing for a precise construction with minimal material waste. 


Folium is a true community initiative, uniting the Blueridge artistic team and volunteer board, the students and faculty of UBC's School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, our outstanding individual donors, and the incredible generosity of the following public funders:

Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 9.29.55 PM.png
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